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Ankle pain or spurs~~ouch!!

Posted by Kathy M on 9/15/01 at 20:10 (060505)

Hi gang! I had PF release surgery on June 26th and am feeling much better. For a while I thought it was never going to get better, but it has. But.......now I have developed an even MORE painful thing....my opposite ankle is excrusiating in the mornings. I can not even stand up in the mornings, because my ankle feels like it is broken. This morning, I even fell from the pain. I have started to use a walker in the mornings for support till I get up and moving, but I would swear my ankle feels broken in the mornings. Has anyone ever experienced this pain? What is it?? Could it be arthritis or what condition could it be?? I had an x-ray done last week when it started getting bad (I think it started to get bad because I was favoring the other foot after the PF surgery), and that x-ray showed 2 spurs on my ankle. I never heard of ankle spurs, just heel spurs. What does this mean? My family doctor told me if the pain stays bad, I should see an orthopedic specialist, but he is always so rushed that he never really spends time with me. So, I thought I would see if anyone out there has ever had ankle spurs or ankle pain and what in the world this is, and how did you fix it?? Thanks sooooo much for any input.