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going on...and remembering

Posted by Suzanne D on 9/16/01 at 07:01 (060558)

Dear Friends,
I have read all the posts as everyone here has tried to come to grips with the past tragic week. People have expressed disbelief, helplessness, sadness, anger, and hope. I believe these are all parallel to the universal stages one goes through in dealing with any kind of grief. And since everyone here is hurting, it has been hard, for in most forms of grief, there are those who are hurt and then those who are there to take their hands and help. This has been of such magnitude that it has made it more difficult as it affects everyone so deeply. I have found myself this past week missing my parents and thinking of the sad times of both their deaths; it has been traumatic for each and everyone in many different ways.
Last night I played for a wedding which had been planned for over a year. The young couple had a small table up front on which was placed a vase with roses in remembrance of deceased grandparents. To this they added another small vase with a rose and red, white, and blue ribbons. They asked my husband who performed the ceremony to explain about the flowers in memory of their grandparents and the special vase in memory of all the hurting in our country and the lives lost this week. They wanted it understood that while this was a special day for them, they were not forgetting...I thought this was special and positive. We must go on in our lives and yet we must not forget...
Today at church I am playing patriotic hymns and a friend is accompanying on the trumpet. I will think of all my new friends here as I play and wish for all of you a peaceful day.