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Have spurs on both heels and had injections yesterday...but pain is now worse that it was to begin with..please HELP!

Posted by Crystal S on 9/20/01 at 00:44 (061030)

Hi I have been diagnosed with heel spurs on both fit.This is a problem that I have had for about 2+ years.I did not have any insurance for a long time and have only been able to get treatment over the last few months.I started out trying the gel heel inserts which helped a tiny bit.Then my primary care doctor gave me naproxen which I took for a couple of months,then a dose pack of predisone (spelling?).Then they finally sent me for xrays in August and said yes it is heel spurs (which I already knew that).So then they sent me to a podiatrist.My appointment was yesterday and he did more xrays and gave me a steroid injection (not cortisone something else) in each foot.When he injected the left foot it hurt pretty bad and I could feel alot of burning and pain and tingling as he injected that medicine but it was all in the heel area.Well when he did the right foot I started feeling the burning and pain and tingling in the heel area and it spread all the way up my arch and straight up the middle of my foot into my toes.I was like wow this really hurts and I told him where I was feeling the pain and burning but he didn't say anything so I assumed it was normal.When they got finished they made me these straps out of medical tape and a little pad for arch support and told me to wear them during the day and I am supposed to come back in 10 days to assess the benefits.Well here is where the problems really began.As I left the office I still had heel pain but it was a little bit better.Well as I was driving home my feet were feeling very strange.Almost numb and like the tape was to tight.I had a couple of stops to make and as I was out walking the pain and numbness was getting worse and worse.I finally got home and took off my socks and shoes and I thought maybe they had put these straps on to tight so I took them off too.I touched my toes on my right foot (where I had felt the burning and pain all the way to my toes) and it was numb like when your foot falls asleep and all the way down the middle of my foot was numb.I had incredible pain in both feet but much worse in the right.It kind of scared me so I called the doctors office back and told them what was going on and he said Oh that can be a normal side effect and put ice on it and elevate your feet and call us tomorrow if you still have pain or numbness but that by today I should feel totally better.Well I did as they told me and it did not get better.Finally by last night the numbness started to slowly wear off but when I woke up this morning I still have ALOT of pain in both feet.The pain is worse now that before I had the shots because now they hurt when I am sitting still even and when I move them.Especially the right one.I can wiggle my toes and it sends really bad pain down my arch which I NEVER did before.So I called the doctors office back again like they told me to and they weren't even in.The receptionist asked me what I had done and I told her and she said oh well it can take a couple of days to kick in and for me to call back tomorrow if I still had any trouble.Well I can tell you right now that it is 1:35 AM and they are still hurting and sore and I can't hardly stand to walk on them or even sit here.I would really like to know if this is normal or I am having a reaction to the shots or what.I really have to wonder if the doctor injected the steroid into someplace that is was NOT supposed to go on my right foot and that is what caused the pain/numbness and why it hurts so bad in that foot and arch.Is that possible? I can tell you right now that I will NEVER get any injections EVER again.I would really appreciate any advice on this.Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any advice or opinions.