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heel pain

Posted by Marsha C on 9/20/01 at 16:24 (061083)

This is new for me and very unfun. I jog; easy, never pushing the max, but I have become addicted to the fanciness of step aerobics. This may very well be the cause of my problem plus I am a 55 year old, slim, small boned and active female. Who knows!

I am at one month now, 1000 mg of Naproxen daily. I use snack sized zip lock bags for icing, moving it around. I walk around out of necessity, stretching the leg by flexing the foot. Some heel pads, but I am told to wear cushioned shoes that are comfortable, no heels, or orthotics with arch support. The orthopedist suggested this and I will follow his advice.

I've quit jogging, doing aerobics and instead I stretch, do weight training mildly, and either jog in the pool, or cycle on a machine. I take advantage of the Whirlpool at the Y, which mentally heals all. The mornings are painful and I approach them with caution. I want to heal and so far I think the mornings are not as bad. I do miss sweating though.