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Posted by John h on 9/23/01 at 14:49 (061340)

A year ago Yoko, who is from NYC, posted on our board about her PF. She eventually has reached the point where she can run a half marathon. I do not think she will mind if i post her message to me because once again it points out what our friends in NYC are going through. It also point out that people do get better.

'I am fine physically but not mentally. I am not a strong person. My husband has a seafood exporting company, and I am helping him. Due to this incident, one of merchandises was stopped in Ankorage, and the other was stopped in Vancouver for 4 days. 5 day delayed merchandise were totally abandoned upon arrival at Tokoyo central fish market. It ended up huge loss. I am looking for some kind of available state fund now.

Traffic is NYC is hell. Our office locates between Battery tunnel and Brooklyn Bridge, and both of them are closed for emergency use only. In order to go back to Manhattan, I must drive x-tra 3 miles to next bridge. x-tra miles are no big deal, but take ON FULL HOUR for three miles. (I run one hour for 6 miles you know) this everyday routine. moreover, while driving i saw and passed many trucks w/full of debris. Very hard to look at it, but really really I cried fo not seeing WTC along the road. John, I have never appreciated to seeing WTC everyday until 9/11. I really really missed them

Don't tell me to use subway. My line is detour line and 3 lines are merged tentatively, therefore so crowded and stopped quite often. John can you stand? jam packed subway train stopped w/o proper announcement underground near WTC? I gave up to take subway today.

5 fire fighters are missing from fire house in my block. Not personally, but i saw them quiet often. Big burning smell and smoke came into my office,and gave me a severe depression and throat problem.

2 blocks from my house, 2 hospitals where many victims are there. I must face so-many weeping families/friends. Tough.....Tough....

Everything I have never experienced. I do't know whether I could describe you about on of new yorkers life well or not, but we are struggling.

So glad to hear your foot has improved. Keep in tourch.