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Posted by Stephanie A on 10/03/01 at 12:47 (062160)

Just to update all of you on my long recovery........
Doctor put me back in cast for two weeks for Lateral Column Syndrome that had been going on for 5 weeks, the putting the cubiod in place and taping and cortisone shot did not help the pain so he put a cast on for the two weeks with no weight bearing. Well I went back last wednesday and he took it off and touched the area still there was alot of pain, when the doctor put the cast on he said it could take 2-6 weeks to heal, well just so happens I had to see the doctor that did the surgery back in May, so anyways he gave me a walking boot to wear and said to wear it except to shower of course, and use the crutches if I felt I needed to. Well I use the crutches sometimes but most of all I just stay off my foot. He is now going to send me for an MRI which is scheduled for the 8th, because he thinks it maybe fractured.
I just looked at him when he said that with disbelief, how could it be fractured? Now I am waiting again, still not working and becoming very angry at this doctor. I guess the MRI should reveal what is going on in there, I hope.
Well you all take care of your feet they are I think the most important extremities that we have.