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Question for Dr. Zuckerman

Posted by Don D on 10/11/01 at 05:20 (062716)

Sir, for two years I have had classic TTS symptoms I believe. They are getting worse. I have the numbness of the toes and balls of both feet along with burning sensations inthese areas and electrical pains shooting down to my toes. I am on Neuronten (2500 mg daily) and this helps all but the numbness. Seeing a Podiatrist who has suggested surgery on the Tibial nerve for compression release. Just had a MRI of both feet and ankles. Don't know the results yet. Have had no injuries. Podiatrist believes that varicosities are responsible. Have had cortisone injections that did not help at all. Also have a numbness in the tops of both thighs if I sit at certain posistions. The numbness goes away if I twist my torso or just shift posistions. Had a MRI of lower spine area. Neurosurgeon said nothing was wrong with my lower back. Question - with these symptoms could the whole problem be from a back problem higher on the back than was tested by the MRI. The thigh numbness has been going on longer than the TTS symptoms. Have been to a Neurologist, no useful information was gained. Have had the nerve conduction studies. I was told I had cronic nerve loss in the ball areas of both feet. Thanks for your reply.