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Continued Severe Pain

Posted by Dennis M on 10/14/01 at 10:42 (062965)

As a runner I developed TTS in both ankles. It was more severe in right so had successful surgery. Only after effect is tightness. In March 01 had surgery in left ankle because of increased pain. Had stopped competitive running but still walked and did other stop and go sports. In follow up visits to doctor told him the pain was still present, and maybe worse. He told me recovery could be up to 6 months and sent me to physical therapist. PT gave me stretching to do and have othodics. Pain is daily from my first step out of bed. Pain is in inside bottom of heal. I am seeing notes on this message boards about facitus (sp?), lasers, and cortosone. Any ideas of what I have said and what I should ask about if I go into the doctor again?