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update 2 weeks 4 days post surgery

Posted by momstv on 10/26/01 at 11:14 (063621)

I just wanted you all to know my incision is finally healing. I got a call from my PDM surgeon on the weekend and he called in antibiotics and appoligised for not being able to talk to me while in his office. I am now walking with out the aid of them D--- crutches and can even put my shoes on for short periods of time. From the botom of the incision to the midpoint under my foot is still pretty painful and numb but I think this surgery is going to do the TRICK. I have not felt this good in ages. I still have the therapy to go thru but as I can move my foot in any direction and even do standing stretches on it I feel confident that this time I will walk normal.
Thanks to all and I will keep you updated on the therepy and how I am doing. This has been a three year ordeal and I truly would like to hear from others who have had such a long haul on being able to walk normal.