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What Do You Think Of Botox Injections To Treat Pain?

Posted by Janet C on 11/01/01 at 06:22 (063920)

Dear Doctors,

My Dr. has told me that if he can get the approval from WC for it, he thinks it may help my nerve pain (I have RSD in both legs as a result of PF and TTR) to receive Botox (Botulism) injections. He said it can stop the nerves from misfiring (which is causing the pain), and the spasms in the muscles. He said it would most likely be given in my hip, so that it would numb the entire quadrant.

I understand it would provide only temporary relief, at best, lasting a few months. And then, I suppose, I would have to have another injection, and another... and I wonder what the long term effects of that would be? Have you ever given them to treat nerve pain?

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Janet C.