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bunion and dubious toe surgery

Posted by judithb on 11/11/01 at 19:17 (064698)

I had bunion surgery on June 7, 2001.

The DPM I chose noticed I had a callus under
my fourth toe that was slightly painful when he
pushed on it. He said, 'While I am fixing the
bunion, I can fix that. I can just shave off a tiny
fiece of bone.'

Several months after the surgery he showed me the
x-rays. He had cut pieces of bones out of my 4th
and 5th toes, and also severed tendons in the my
second and third toes. He said he corrected
'hammertoes 2,3,4,5' which we had never discussed.

I am in constant pain and it is November 10. I
had 3 months of physical therapy and the insurance
won't pay anymore. I take a drug called neurontin
and Ibuprofen all day long.

Will this ever heal? Why would a surgeon do something
like this? Is there any justification for this?