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RE: Foot casting

Posted by Camilla on 11/12/01 at 12:03 (064729)

Dr. Z.,

I, like most everyone posting here, have tried all conventional method to correct my PF. ESWT has been denied by my insurance company. My doctor and I have decided to try another round of therapy and I am some better. Usually this is how it goes, the minute I quit therapy it flairs back up. My doctor has suggested casting. I am due for a cortisone shot right around the time he would do the casting. What do you think? I know being off my feet will help. Once immobilized for 30 days I know the inflammation will be decreased. What will happen when I resume walking?

I also need your telephone number to call and get more information about paying out of pocket for the ESWT.

Thank you.

P.S. For anyone who says they can not excersie try water aerobics. I can run, jump and use weights...just a water pool noodle to provide resistance. It's a good workout, if you find the right instructor. Check the YMCA in your area.