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Arch pain with a lump

Posted by Wendy K on 11/16/01 at 13:36 (064877)

I am in good shape, not overweight and always been a runner. About a year ago, I severely sprained my left ankle. I didn't see a doctor for this as I have sprained the ankle countless times. About a month after the sprain, I developed a pain in my arch and a soft bump/lump on the arch of my foot. This eventually went away and I started running again. Over the past 6 months, I have been training for my first marathon. As soon as I increased my mileage, I developed a severe arch pain and the lump came back (the lump comes and goes). I saw a GP for the arch pain and without any X-rays or tests, he diagnosed me with PF and told me to get over the counter orthotics, which have done NOTHING. I don't have any heel pain and the pain is constant during the day (not better or worse in the morning). I have an appt. with a podiatrist next week, but was curious if my problems were symptomatic with PF? Everything I've read doesn't point to PF. Thanks for your input.