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Heel spur removal, what follows???

Posted by Linda on 11/28/01 at 06:17 (065478)

I am having a heel spur removed, and nerve damage repaired on December 14. I was wondering, does physical therapy follow after this? My doc told me i'd have to stay off my foot for 6 weeks. I just want to know how long it is going to take to recover. I know every individual is different, but I go to the gym 6 days a week, and I know it will drive me nuts not to work out for that long. I have lost 123lbs in the past 2 yrs,and do not want to have setbacks. I can't do cardio any more because the heel pain is so bad. I had fascia release in 1995, but it only felt good for about a year. Also, the doc told me i have a pinched nerve (tarsal tunnel syndrome). What is the outcome of having nerves repaired? will i lose mobility?? I do kickboxing,weight training, and play basketball, hockey, and have 2 kids to keep up with.
any input is appreciated.