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tammie ----- i am totally confused ( yes i take alot of drugs 0

Posted by linda A on 12/04/01 at 22:56 (066171)

been away from the computer . so when i came back and read your posting about your apology , i was totally confused . i love reading your postings . who did you piss off ? you are to caring to do that . and you give great morale support . keep writing . it makes me happy ( you see i am very selfish . ha h ah !!! ) . how is the weathe up in ohio ? we had a change in the weather in louisville,ky ( very nice ) . coming down w/ a another sore throat though & cough . how's your boy at EKU ? did you know about berea college in KY ( being a free college ----well known for the arts / but they have science also ) . i wished i had known about the little college , it is tucked away in a beautiful area in KY . my cousin is going there . talk to you later . keep us motivated . linda age