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Posted by Carol C on 12/23/01 at 11:30 (067682)

Happy Holidays Everyone! Here's wishing that everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday Season spent with those that mean the most~~moreso
this year than ever.
A quick follow up----Tomorrow will be FIVE WEEKS post-op Tarsal Tunnel
and Carpal Tunnel Releases....and I am doing great. The hand is healing
well with some slight tendonitis in it...but that is apparently common
after Carpal Tunnel Release.
The Foot....geez guys, I wish the surgery had been done sooner! My symptoms began on June 15, 2001, and my surgery was on November 19,
but the relief has been unreal. Sure, there are some 'Nervey' sensations
and occassional pain, but noting to compare to what I was experiencing
pre-operatively. In my case, they did find a large cyst entwined in the
nerve to be the cause of the TTS, so it was easier to fix than some
cases may be---but I am pleased with my recovery at this point.
There is still some swelling and this worsens and the day progresses.
The more I walk on the foot the more it lets me know about it. I did
beging to wear my 'New Balance' tennis shoes on that foot again last
Thursday after my follow-up visit with my doctor--- he said that if my
foot feels like it, it is ok to do it. Basically it is a case of letting
my pain be my guide. I have found that I can wear my loosley laced shoe
for about six hours and then I need to take it off and use the velcro boot
again for the rest of the day....but hey---six hours is six hours.
There is still numbness in the foot, but very minimal in comparison to what
was there prior to surgery and the numbness tends to be less in the mornings when the swelling is less and progresses during the day as the
swelling increases with my activity level during the day.....
Anyways...the moral to my story here is........If you have TTS, don't be
afraid of the surgery. So many of the cases I have seen on here are all
gloom and doom----and not successful---I just wanted to share with you all
there there can be success and that for me, it was well worth the risk.
I know that being only FIVE WEEKS POST OP, I can expect even more healing
and improvement as time goes on, and I am looking forward to each step along the way.
Good luck everyone.......and again. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!