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****Days End****

Posted by Necee on 12/26/01 at 01:04 (067800)

Well as this day draws to an end, the kitchen is clean, and I've got a cup of hot spiced tea to enjoy as I ponder the activities of the day.

The weatherman missed his prediction by a long shot! It was suppose to be cold, with highs in the upper 20's. Christmas like weather would have been nice, and maybe one of these days we will experience a white Christmas here in Texas.

We went out to eat Christmas eve with my cousin and her husband, then went looking at Christmas lights around the lake here, it was really pretty. After that we came home and enjoyed snacks and wonderful conversation.

Christmas morning my sweet husband kept his tradition alive by suprising me with a beautiful handcrafted gift. He does woodworking as a hobby and made a beautiful mirror out of pine with a handcarved star at the top.
He gets up extra early on Christmas morning and gets my gifts from where ever he hides them, brings them in and places them under the tree, so when I wake up and go through the den I see all these presents!

Spending Christmas day at my brothers house was nice, we enjoyed a wonderful meal as always. Later that evening we drove to visit another cousin and her family.

At our farm last weekend we had a Christmas gathering in the cabin with all our country friends. What a fun evening of fellowship we had! I wish you all could have joined us! Each person was asked to bring a simple gift and I read the 'Left/Right Story', has anyone ever done that instead of doing the White Elephant? It was a lot of fun! I decorated the inside and outside of the cabin with fresh Spruce tree trimmings, white lights, red bows and pine cones. As each guest left the party, I gave them a small Spruce swag to take home.

I enjoyed Christmas this year, I didn't let myself get all anxious about gift giving, instead spent more time visiting with family and friends, which is what its all about anyway.

Hope all my friends here had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy Trails.....