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A post-Christmas thought

Posted by Julie on 12/27/01 at 09:37 (067883)

Detecting notes of disappointment and sadness in some of the posts in the run-up to Christmas, I wanted to say something but didn't want to say it then because I didn't want to seem to be pouring cold water on anyone's pleasure in the holiday season. But it seems to me that special occasions such as Christmas (well, especially Christmas) give rise to unrealistic expectations - of happiness, pleasure, togetherness, you name it - that can't always be fulfilled and often end in disappointment.

It's a time when families are supposed to get together and take pleasure in each other's company - yet many families don't take pleasure in each other's company, and in some families tensions and conflicts run higher than usual. And it's a time when people who are on their own feel lonelier than ever, marginalized by the supposed happiness and togetherness swirling all around them.

And then there's the commercial circus that the Christmas season has become, and the sheer exhaustion that many feel at all the shopping, cooking and eating. Especially people whose feet hurt! It all has nothing to do with what Christmas is about.

There's a Buddhist saying: 'Expectation is premeditated disappointment'. That's always true, but I think it's most true at this time of year.

If this offends anyone, I am sorry. I wanted to say it not to dampen anyone's real enjoyment - I really hope that most of you had a lovely Christmas - but maybe to make anyone who didn't have such a lovely Christmas feel a bit better, and maybe plant a thought for next time.

As I will be away for a couple of weeks and may not post much before I go, I wish everyone at heelspurs.com a peaceful, rewarding year ahead. Let's cherish our loved ones and be aware of our blessings every day of 2002.