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walking cams/boots

Posted by DW on 1/01/02 at 18:48 (068385)

I've been trying to be a 'good girl' with the walking cam, but it is so uncomfortable, still. I can get my foot in there now, but it pulls on the stitches after a bit and I get just a little blood seepage. I also find myself walking more than usual with it on. I can't get it on if I wear the ankle wrap, and I feel like I need the wrap for support, thru the arch, especially. I had some additional arch pain today (I think I overdid the walking trying to clean for New Year's Eve) so I've been babying it. Instead I wore my shoe with the ankle wrap and used both crutches. I couldn't put as much weight on it as with the walking cam, but I also had no blood seepage. What's the opinion on the walking cam vs. a shoe with custom orthotics and an ankle wrap, along with crutches? What is the reason for using the cam instead? I'm getting the stitches out tomorrow (FINALLY) so the pulling shouldn't be a problem, but will the incision still get the brunt of the pressure and will I have to worry about it pulling apart? Most of it looks like it's healing very nicely, but there is one part that seems 'behind' the rest of the incision, healing-wise, and this is where I get the seepage.
Thanks again, folks.