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Pain while excercising

Posted by curt a on 1/09/02 at 11:47 (069338)

I have experience pain in my left foot (some in right) while playing rigorous sports like racquetball and basketball, less during tennis or running. The pain is like a numbing, cramping feeling, where I feel I don't have control of my foot, also sometimes have slight cramping in arch. The pain starts about 5 minutes of activity, if I stop the activity it will decrease or stop after 5 minutes. Start again, same story. I have seen 2 specialists (diagnosed with Plantar F 1st, arthritis 2nd), I have bought both hard and soft custom inserts for my shoes, which seem to make the problem worse. In fact less support seems better. I also notice I can reduce the pain by stretching my foot out, pointing my toe down and away. Any thoughts or suggestions?