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Posted by Anthony P on 1/12/02 at 22:09 (069832)

I had Surgery Nov 7th for 3 problems open parcel release of facisa,Spur removed,Achilles tendon repaired,tendon repaired top of ankle. I had same day surgery they put me in a cast for three weeks non weigth bearing.
ThenI had all the staples removed and was put in a walking boot for two weeks.
I must add that all 3 of the insitions are on the inside of my foot.
It doesnt seem right that your insition is on the outside.
Walking was rough at 1st for a month I could only walk on my toes
Non weigth bearing strenches and P. T. helped alot, I cant say I'm over
this and I still have pain, Recovery can take a long time.
Crystal good luck to you I hope you find relief soon I too have a knot on
the top of my foot My doc said it should go away soon
Anthony P