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Surgery Option

Posted by Pam B on 1/17/02 at 21:24 (070342)

Hello Docs, I am updating you on my situation. I had posted with respect to having heel surgery for PF and a spur. I have also been diagnosed with tibial and posterior tendonitis. I have seen two pods, one's specialty is foot and the other is ankle specialist. Even though I have had the tendonitis since almost the onset of the PF pain the ankle guy wont do anything cause he has only seen me once. He says he would need to see me more to try to correct it, however if taping, pain and anti inflam drugs, ultrasound, stretching, ice, and casting with rest since Oct....has not helped then I am not sure if more treatment is necessary. My foot pod met with the ankle guy yesterday as they share the same practice. They discussed whether to treat and wait to see if the tendonitis will clear up prior to surgery as they both feel the heel surgery is necessary. They claim that the surgery and casting for the 4 weeks post op may be enough rest on the tibial and posterior that it will resolve itself. Bottom line here is that my foot pod says he thinks I should go ahead with the foot surgery cause I am in constant pain and have not walked right since this started, I can only walk on my tippy toes as it hurts to much to put weight on my heel. My knees hurt as does my hip and groin area some of the time. I have had several back surgeries and the gimpy walk is killing my back. My choices are to wait with the ankle pod treating tendontitis so if the tendonitis does not clear up then they will fix everything while they are in there all at one time. Or I can do foot now with the hope that casting and total rest post op will heal my tendonitis as hopefully my gait will be better. My foot doc says that if it does not go away then I might be facing another surgery. I dont want to rush, but I dont think that almost a year of this is rushing but I am not the most patient person in the world either, and on a scale of 1-10, my pain level stays above a five at all times and most of the time it is like a seven or more. The only way it dont hurt is if I am resting with no exertion on my foot at all. I feel like the tendontitis needs my pain in foot to stop so I can put my heel on the floor and walk like a normal person again in order for this to heal, and I dont feel that treatment will help me at this point because of the way I walk because my foot hurts so bad. I think I am going to go ahead with the foot surgery as my foot pod feels the same as I do and he feels that I will do well with the surgery but I wanted to get your opinion first before I make my final decision. An objective opinion is always a good thing. Sorry this is so wordy but it is hard to describe it without wordiness. Thanks