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Products & Services & Advertising

Posted by John h on 1/22/02 at 15:14 (070889)

For my part, I welcome most any professional or non professional post. They may be selling something but that something may be worth trying. I am more interested in does the product or service have something to offer me than the motive of the poster/seller. Clearly many are selling or promoting a product or a service. This is sort of the American way of life. It is up to us the consumers to discriminate the good from the bad. How many cures or products have we all seen on this board? Countless! Scott is correct in limiting the number of self serving commercial post. I have bought a lot of goofy products and am probably a hucksters dream but you never know when lightning might strike. If Healthtronics,Dr. Z, David and some others had not appeared we might not be as nearly educated about ESWT as we are. If they are pushing their service ok with me. If they stick around like some of our good Doctors and continue to offer help better yet. Some of these products seem to offer some help to some and none to others. At the worst we waste our money and at the best they offer some hope.