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after surgey

Posted by barbara m on 1/28/02 at 21:49 (071726)

I have had 2 shots of cortizone,nightsplit, phys. ther, removeal cast & in a cast for 12wks. the shot made my surar really high so i only got 2, i have had this heel pain for 2years i have tried about 8 meds. oils creams ice . i am a diabetic, & overweight i have lost about 20 lbs. need to lose 60 more,i had surgery 11/29/01 and i am having alot of trouble walking now my foot is always swelled I am tring hard because i am tried of HURTINGi went to see my dr today 1/28/02 and he wants me to get rid of the cruches & the removal cast sometime i wonder if it will ever get better. because getting over this foot (left) he will be doing the right foot. i hope this all works now i am being to wonder.iknow i need good support shoe & TIME. IT HAS BEEN 8 WKS. AND I AM TRING TO PUT WEIGHT ON IT THANK YOU BARBARA