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Heel Spur Treatment -------> Super Cell Protector ?

Posted by Tony B. on 2/04/02 at 23:16 (072607)

I have read an article on the web about a Lady that had a heel spur and went to a Dr. who gave her some type of injection which she said did nothing at all for her condition . She posted an article about ~ Super Cell Protector ~ , that a friend of hers told her about . She supposedly tried it and hasn't had any pain since . I believe I have a heel spur as well . I have severe pain in my left heel . I thought it was a stone bruise at first ......... but it's been like 4 months and it hasn't gone away . At times it hurts so bad I can hardly walk on it . Other times ........ I can feel it but it's not much discomfort . Is there such a thing as this ~ Super Cell Protector ~ ? And if so ......... does it offer any relief for my condition ?