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heel tumor

Posted by EileenW on 2/05/02 at 20:48 (072728)

I have recently been told that I have a non-cancerous, fibrous tumor on my left heel caused by repetitive stress. My problem started as plantar fascitis and I received one cortisone injection to which I had a reaction. I do not remember this 'lump' on my heel before the injection.
The tumor is not attached to bone or nerves, which is good. I had a lumbar fusion 3 years ago and probably shift my weight and walk differently. Have seen a pod and orthopaedic guy, both of which suggest another pair of custom orthotics (I have a pair that's only 2 mos. old) that are really padded up to accommodate the pain. I am trying acupunture in the meantime for pain relief but that is temporary. Neither dr. seems to think surgery is really a good idea because of scar tissue. I can't find anything on this condition anywhere or possible remedies. Any suggestions would be welcome and if I opt for the surgery, suggestions to minimize scar tissue formation. Thank you.