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New pain associated with PTT?

Posted by Jean M on 2/06/02 at 10:22 (072778)

I have been following a lot of the posts on this board but what interests me the most is the information on PTTD because that is what I am dealing with. I was casted for six weeks and got the cast off last Thursday. I even brought my shoe along and was excited that I would be able to wear it again. Unfortunatly the tendon was still quite tender even after all that time in the cast. Instead of going back in a cast we decided to try a boot. I wear it most of the day when I know I will be up and about. I tried wearing just my regular shoes around the house for a short time yesterday but that was not a good idea. What I am experiencing now is a pain on the outside of my foot just below the ankle when I walk. Is this just from coming out of the cast and the possibility of my foot being in a different position or is it somehow connected to the PTTD? I have an appointment to see a surgeon later this month for the PTTD as my Dr. feels that this is my next option. Also, has anyone here had surgery for PTTD? What was it like? How long did the recovery take?