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My dearest Elliott,

Posted by Tammie on 2/07/02 at 15:37 (072931)

If you are sad I didnt seem to give you enough credit , I ask that you reread the post that says , You showed me the light. In it you will find that you were the one that made me see and react!I am not sure as I am a women , and have been told that you do not like the huggie stuff what is it that you would like .LOL I thank you a million times I really do I thank everyone here that reached out OR TRIED to unplug my ears or take the blindness from my eyes. I still dont know if I have it in control , but I am at least thinking and starting to look ahead.

I did tell you that you showed me a side of yourself that you have kept hidden from us all, which in turn made me not angry with you but made me think he really does care and wants to help ME. I hope I am not making this worse as I dont want anyone to think I dont appreciate them , as I do.But you see Elliott YOU were a bit on the cooler side, maybe a bit tart at times and you showed your softer side and that was what made me rethink things. I respect your knowledge almost as much as the other dr.s here as it seems you have alot of it and it seems to be accurate on the whole.I still question what your profession is as I am very curious.(I am a woman )lol that means we like to know things .I also at the end said a hug even tho you wont like it , it is in my heart. I just was afraid of ofending u. I guess I worry about hurting someones feelings I try very hard not to , but sometimes I seem to insert foot in.

I have know Laurie since day one here and she is a lovely woman, one that I admire and respect, I stated that I would like to be seen like her.SHE is strong and does not let the pressure drag her under (like I do) she helps her self (unlike I do)She keeps going when the going gets tuff, (I fall apart) and need to be helped and picked up .I want to be strong in helping myself find my answers and to take care of ME but it is something I have always neglected, and gave it no thought. That is what i was saying. Brian has been a good friend to me , he has emailed me often as well as Necee, Maureen,Laurie,Suzanne,Julie,Judy,Linda,LOL several others as time has passed on. I am not leaving anyone out Just trying to make a point,several have TRIED to help me in some way even if it was the mushy stuff of holding my cyber hand and letting me cry it out of my system.

Elliott you are a wonderful person I dont think I need to swell your head, you provide a lot of knowledge as well as some sparks here and some open disgussions.I did not realize that you were feeling alone or maybe unloved? I care about you and would love to help you but gee you have most all the answers. I can only offer to touch the heart in you, and hope that you learn not to run from that goodness that you have. So in this I am not trying to create anything except let you know that I thank you from the bottom and the top and well gee my whole heart for all that you did for me and any heat that u might have taken! You are great which I thought you knew , my mistake(I am smiling) with a bit of devilnish I am going to give u a ((((((((HUG))))))))) and this one time you must accept it without getting angry or being cynical, as it is from (my heart) Take care and we shall see what happens with what I am learning