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talked with dr.

Posted by barbara on 2/07/02 at 21:08 (072971)

i went on 2/5/02 to talk to my doctor, and he asked me what did i want him to put down i told him the truth, he said the only work i could do a sit down job. I told him it would be hard just to find a stand up job I feel better now thank you. I am still having trouble with myfoot i started to wear a shoe but with tingleing & numness in my foot why is this happening.now i knowwhy my first doctor didnot want to do surgery, he always said that if he had 10 people with pf i would be about a 9 or maybe 10,because he tried everything , he said that surgery would make the pf worse. at the time i was tired of hurting and wanted someting done. so i went to another doctor. and that doctor tried to help me for 12 wks.so he sent me to the dr i have now. why is it that i cnat get better is it because i waited about 2.5years to get medical help.