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GREAT visit at the PT today

Posted by Carmen H on 2/15/02 at 20:26 (073833)

Wow...what a difference a day makes! The PT I saw today....rocks. Plain and simple she rocks.
She and I just went back and forth talkign about PF, stretching, Shoes, Orthotics, Heelspurs. I totally feel like we both benifited from meeting and I can't wait to go back.
I have a darn paper cut on my middle finger causing OUCH every time I type so I will go into detail later whewn I don't want to scream in pain from typing.
here's a short version.
1. Iontopheresis (7-8 treatments MINIMUM to even see if it will work)
2. HOT/COLD contrast bath
4. SHE measure my feet from EVERY SINGLE angle!!!
5. She was excited that I was as knowledgable about my condition....
says so many people expect her to fix them with no more effort.
She was great and the PT office is attached to the POD's office....
I saw three people with PF while I was there....go figure.