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Doctors....Need some advice about MRI results...please help!!

Posted by Crystal S on 2/18/02 at 12:53 (074179)

I had an MRI on Thursday.The results came back and believe it or not they read it as 'possible plantar fascitis',they aren't sure.Plus I have some fluid acclumalation also.For those of you that have read my previous posts then you know of the chronic pain that I endure daily so my question is how on earth can this be 'possible PF'??? That is what I put myself through this nightware for was the PF,how can it be back? Or did it ever go away? Is it possible that the radiologist misread the MRI? How can they not be sure?? I have very severe PF in the other foot and my postop foot feels different.It is not a PF pain.Does things like scar tissue not show up? The POD gave me a cortisone shot the last time I saw him and said that I had 'ALOT' of scar tissue built up.Would they not see that on the MRI? I have an appointment with the POD tomorrow but I just don't know what to think except that I despise the previous doctor that did this surgery.Is it possible that because of how he did things that it has returned or never went away?? (examples are cutting on the outer side of my foot,letting me immediately walk with only an ace bandage on it,etc).I feel so frustrated and discouraged by this news.I expected some bad news but NOT that I have the same thing that I had to begin with.Please help with any advice.It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,