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Post Op Update

Posted by Pam B on 2/21/02 at 11:52 (074520)

Hey guys, Pam here.......just wanted to post the latest.......stitches are out now and no bandages.....got to take a real shower :) Woohoo.....:) doc is pleased with the healing of the incision but quick to mention the outside is not an indication that the inside is ready for my weight to be on it yet......so, crutches are in my future still for at least the next two weeks till I go back......today has been 15 days and when I do put the foot down it still hurts alot.....also had to have an anelgesic injection in the left foot due to the addtional stress I have now developed achilles tendonitis in that foot too :( he of course did not use cortisone as we all know that is a no no for achilles tendonitis......but since I cannot take the oral anti inflammatories any longer due to stomach problems that they are causing me he wanted to releave my pain......I go back in two weeks and he is talking about the cam walker at that time......for now, he prefers the crutches and me still off of it the majority of the time.......so I will let ya's know what happens on the 5th of March....thanks for all the support I have recieved from all of you.......you guys are great.......I would also like to send out a special thanks to Laurie for all the cards and support she has provided and continues to provide for me even though she is dealing with her own private hell......god bless all of you and this site.......thanks :)