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It's Been One Year Since Surgery...

Posted by Scott2 on 2/23/02 at 23:36 (074888)

Hello Footonians,

I had surgery Feb 16, 2002 (funny how I remember that) for a distal tarsal tunnel release and plantar fasciotomy.

Here are the quick details:

Male, 34 years young
Active lifestyle

History: stopped training for marathon in April 2001 due to foot pain
Treatment prior to surgery: two cortisone shots, orthotics, night splint, casting, MRI, rest, ice, lots of ibuprofen

Post-surgery: Overall success - still minor problems, developing similar symptoms in non-surgery foot. Wear orthotics full-time. Returned to short distance runs (< 3 mi and hiking that could not be done prior to surgery)

If you want to hear me blabber, then read on...

Overall, the surgery was a success. At the time leading up to surgery, I had major foot pain and could not even walk short distances without discomfort.

Today, I still have my good and bad days, but I can walk pain-free and I am running short distances again. The biggest problem I have with my foot is simply standing still when the supporting muscles are not helping as much.

Again, the good news is I feel the surgery was a success even though I am not pain-free. The bad news is I think I have some bi-lateral issues now with the non-surgery foot and am going back to the doctor for it and will most likely be getting a nice needle in the heel next week for openers. Hopefully, I will not have matching scars.

I ice pretty much every evening and do lots of stretching and strengthening exercises. I consider myself very active and do lots of triathlons, hiking, cycling, basketball, etc. I had to stop training for a year before surgery on any weight-bearing exercises. I can do them now, but I am still not pain-free.

I do not take life sitting down and that does factor in my decision of where I feel I should be in terms of being pain-free. I read many others posts and wonder if it is something that will always be there? And then I think that I am settling and should keep fighting it - and look for answers or do whatever it takes to get better.

So, there it is. I hope this was of some use to others. I can say this board has been a big help for me through the last year - just reading it.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reply or send me an email at (email removed).

Best success and a pain-free foot (feet?) to all of you!

- S