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Anti inflamatory meds......2nd post

Posted by Pam B on 3/02/02 at 19:09 (075498)

Hey doc, I posted this when you went on vacation and I figured you may not have time to read the entire board so I pasted here and am sending the question to you again.....thanks so much for your time :)

I have taken anti inflamatory drugs for many years off and on for both back and foot problems and I just cannot tolerate them.....it is ok at first but then the stomach problems begin for me......even with celebrex.....the doc also tried me on predisone in the medrol dose pack and that was also a disaster for me with the side effects......since these drugs seem to be such an important part of treating these foot issues, what does one do when they just cant tolerate them?????? the last trip to my pod he asked if I was taking them and I told him NO MORE......I did tell him that I refuse to take them and be sick for the little help that they did provide it was not worth stomach problems on top of everything else......he agreed that I should not take them but I have not yet asked him where does that leave someone like me that has been suffering for as many years as I have with this and one that just had surgery one month ago.......

When your patients are unable to take these drugs, what do you do or prescribe for them to assist with the inflammation???????? I know the doc for the ankle is going to want me to take these and I cant so what if anything else is there??????