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3 weeks Post - Op

Posted by Carmon S. on 3/03/02 at 23:15 (075593)

Hey gang!
I just wanted to give you all a quick update on my tootsie.
I am 3 wks. and 2 days post-op today (my time flies when your having fun..ha, ha, ha). For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, I had partial PF release done on my right foot (Feb.8).

Things are going good for me. I am still non-weight bearing at this point. I no longer have to wear my walking cast boot during the day..unless I am going out. I do still have to wear the boot cast at night to keep things stretched out. I haven't attempted putting on my tennis shoe yet. The foot is still tender at the incision site ,and I do need to wait a bit longer for the swelling to go down more in the fat pad of my heel. The bruising has pretty much disipated at this point.

I did have to go to the walk-in clinic this past Thurs. because when I removed my strei-strips I panicked a bit.......I knew that it wasn't infected but just wanted to have it checked out. Apparently, the steri-strips had been on a little to long (really should have come off at 2 wks. rather than 3). The incision was not getting enough air and moisture had gotten trapped. So, the top layer of skin was really open and had a nasty looking skin flap. The site was also oozing a bit. The doc just gave me some antibiotic cream to apply 2 times a day, and told me to let my foot air out when I am at home. He also thought that it looked pretty darn good!

Today, the incisoin looks a lot better and the margins are coming together nicely. The cream really worked. It also feels good to just let my tootsie be free of bandages and casts for once!!!!

I see my specialist on March 28 for my 6 wk. follow - up. I anticipate to be wearing a shoe and be hopefully weight bearing by that time. The thing that I have had to remind myself is that docs always minimize things, so I have to just listen to my body. I will bear weight on the foot when I am ready and will just take thing s at my own pace (good advice for everyone)!!

I do get these little shock waves (the best way I can describe them) in the bottom of my foot fron time to time. I think that it must be the nerves acting up. There are still some numb spots too. Other than that everything is going really well ( I would do it all over again). I very rarely have to take Motrin anymore either.

Patience is a virtue............Take care everyone!

~Carmon S.~