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great slip on shoes

Posted by EileenA on 3/07/02 at 15:31 (075914)

I've been struggling with PF for over a year. In my quest for decent shoes and after trying many different things to find relief, I did come across one thing that has been helpful to me. Since I rarely go barefoot anymore (boo-hoo!)and always need something on my feet, the best thing I've found are the Addida's soccer slip-ons. That's right, those hard plastic, slip-on shoes with the stripes over the top. (NOT the ones with 'massaging nubs') You can find them on sporting goods web sites or at sporting goods stores. I have wide feet and a longer arch so I opted for the men's sizes and they seem provide just the right support. At least my toes get a chance to breathe and they've become my shoe of choice for slipping into as soon as I get home. They're not perfect but they are an inexpensive and good solution for those times when you just want to slip into something easy. Good luck to you all ... this has certainly been a learning experience for me! And thanks for all thre great information sharing.