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Mahatmelissama - - here's how to fix the e-mail thing

Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 3/09/02 at 07:39 (076018)


What you have to do is to post a message *without* your e-mail address. So,
post a reply to this message but do it this way:

1. Type in a reply in the box below, but before you post it,

2. Make sure the box above what you typed that says 'Email:(OPTIONAL and HIDDEN)' has nothing in it. Then,

3. With that box blank, you can press the send button (that says 'I've read the above and agree. Post message'.

Every time you post a message, for the next few times, check to see that that 'Email:(OPTIONAL and HIDDEN)' box is left blank before you press the send button. It should stay blank once you have done this correctly.

And, I know you have been in pain, so it might not be too realistic for me to wish you a 'good foot day'. But, I hope you are having a 'better foot day' at least! Don't forget to ice, stretch, and rest rest rest. If it hurts, don't do it.

Carole C