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Posted by RACHAEL T. on 3/09/02 at 14:11 (076042)

YES, horseback riding is a joy, that I KNOW you are missing - but somehow, I wonder if there is a handicap riding program in your locality - that might be worth looking into as maybe you could enjoy the freedom of being mobile on a horse that is calm as well as be getting 'fit exercise' w/o using your irons to the max - as I am doing when riding - & of course, not executing proper foot equitation positions. It may be a highlight in your life right now with this wheel chair experience. I can truly say thru my life I rode 10 horses or so daily - training! And, now w/ only 3 rides/weekly for the past 3 wks....it has added a real highlight to look forward to in my P.F. week! Good luck in your regional research for such a handicap program!!!