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Miki T

Posted by john h on 3/12/02 at 10:14 (076260)

I would not describe my condition after ESWT so much as a 'recovery' but as a period of waiting to see if the condition improved. I had no pain after the procedure and continued with my normal activities. after some period of time perhaps 3-4 months my feet were better. I would not look for a day to day improvemment because you will continue to have ups and downs. After about 16 weeks ask yourself am I now better than before treatment. I was improved but wanted to be better so went back for further treatments. I think that since the doctors only started this a few years ago their have been adjustments in the way they treat the patient and some possible new things that could make a difference. I personally hope to try the procedure followed by the shot as they sometimes do in Australia with hard core cases.