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Posted by RACHAEL T. on 3/14/02 at 19:10 (076444)

Yes, I too think less stretching may be the answer. In fact, tomorrow at PT - I shall advise them that they not 'manually' stretch me....as they do. And, no, I've not let them do any weight bearing exercises as I have had ill effects from them thruout the past year on my own - I had only done the yoga style/non weight bearing exercises--but since PT -- I've used the towel method of stretching x 3 daily as well as the PT stretching me manually....I shall cut down the daily at home exercises myself & I shall advise him tomorrow that I only want the iontaphoresis which seems to be helpful & to skip the manual stretches! That is my plan! Today...I just took more pills! And, last week, I was not taking any!!! Oh well! Tomorrow is another day & the ice today & tonight shall make some improvements too!!!! Thanks gang for your input & support....OOOOH! This PF! as you all KNOW! (-: