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shoes w/ removable insole

Posted by Betsy W on 3/15/02 at 13:17 (076523)

Sometime ago I asked here about women's sandals w/ removable insoles, so I could put a 'superfeet' support in.

I finally found my (almost) dream shoe. I can't find it on the web, but a local store had it. It is a Mephisto sandal called 'Mobil'
and is a slip-on. but the insole is removable, and my superfeet fit right in. Neither the insole nor my feet slip around in this shoe, and I'm not wearing it for major walking anyway, just mostly around the house and at work (very sedentary job). They are nicely padded. However, they were $200, that's right. But I tried the only Birkenstocks with removable insoles, and they were, once the insole was removed, not very well padded, and furthermore, the straps were not too comfortable to my bare feet. I wore Birks for 20 years, and only quit when I needed more arch suport due to PF.

So, my local store was in South Pasadena, Califormia. Named 'Lucha's'. They also had another brand of sandal w/ removable insole that looked almost identical and felt identical to the Mephisto, but I don't remember the name. They were equally comfortable. I bought the Mephisto for various reasons, unrelated to function.

Hope this help someone, but I wonder how to find Mobils on the web now, maybe they're just new?