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A long-considered opinion (cross-posted)

Posted by adam p on 3/24/02 at 10:52 (077389)

After much consideration, wheel-reinvention, etc.,
I have come to the conclusion that a GREAT, GREAT help
out 'there' for pf may be a custom pressure garment,
specifically, a 'foot glove' such as that made by Bio-con.

Bio-con has a website, and I'm asking everyone to--please--
take a look at their site, evaluate these gloves for the
pf indication and raise the hue and cry for FDA approval, etc.

I am NOT connected to Bio-con or any other medical product

It looks as though, insofar as the garment can be anchored
(with tape, glue or a belt), and used with the right shoes/
orthotics, it could take over some of the job of the pf. AP