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post op pain and numbness

Posted by Jean M on 3/25/02 at 15:13 (077520)

Hi again, I think I have the pain under control with the medicine I have now and with the icing as well. I am still getting occasional zingers but a lot of the pulsating is gone. There is still significant numbness in my arch, the bottom of my foot and and the big toe. There is very minimal swelling and what there is of it is right around the ankle incision. As I stated earlier the Dr. felt that this numbness was from the splint putting pressure on a nerve and not from surgery. If this is the case is there a standard of time that I should expect this to last. When I wear the aircast boot I notice the numbness in my big toe even more. I took it off this morning and am leaving it off as I also noticed that the back of my ankle was hurting and thought it was caused by the boot. I am still non-weight bearing and start pt on Wednesday. Can I damage it more if I am not keeping it immobilized for long periods of time. It seems to hurt less when not in the boot. I am still keeping it elevated at this point becasue if I don't it starts hurting more. I havent called the Dr. about the numbness becasue I don't know how long I should expect it to last. The reason it concerns me is becasue he didn't think it was caused by the surgery itself. If that is the case and it was from the splint shouldn't it be getting better by now? It has been out of the splint for four days. ShouldI let the Dr. know that it is still numb or wait and talk to my PT about it?