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NCV and EMG -- finally OVER WITH!!

Posted by Sharon W on 3/28/02 at 13:19 (077844)

Finally had those long-dreaded nerve conduction tests. Certainly not plasant, but the only parts that really HURT were when the neurologist stimulated the posterior tibial nerves (at the tarsal tunnels) and their various branches. I just got back home, so I don't know yet if I will have rebound pain from the nerve stimulation.

All my treatment so far has focused on the right side, because that was the side with a postive Tinel's sign. But the right foot wasn't hurting hardly at all today, no shooting pains or anything except the usual routine symptoms of PF. (Wouldn't you know it would be a 'good day'?) Besides, I always feel better in the morning than in the afternoon or evening, anyway.

The neurologist didn't tell me anything; he just said he would send a report to my pod. (I'll find out what the results in 2 more weeks.) The one place where I could feel that the nerve wasn't responding was at the LEFT tarsal tunnel area, which is NOT the foot that usually causes trouble! I don't know if that was just because the electrodes weren't quite in the right place, or if that side is more affected than I thought...

Anyway, I sure am glad to have THAT over with!!

-- Sharon