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Posted by Dr. Zuckerman on 4/03/02 at 09:31 (078344)

I am in my office and can't find the thread that Julie and I will discussing so here is a new thread.

I am a patient right this minute who came in for an ESWT consultation. I am recommending orthosis and here is why.

Very little am pain. There is alot of pain on examination at the heel insertion. Duration of pain six months. no treatment

Her pain is increased the more she is on them. I have taken x-ray waiting for them to come out that is why I am able to go to the board

The gait and bimechanical evaluation is excessive midtarsal joint pronation. She stands alot on cement. She is a school nurse and works at the local hospital

Ok why orthosis. The gait evaluation. More pain the more she is on her feet
I will start with footmaxx plastizole inserts due to her being on hard cement . IF no relief then the custom biomechanical orthosis.

Is this any help. Sometimes It is hard to explain everything about I do this or that. Orthosis dispensing is not only a science but an art with common sense involved. I know this woman has no pf tears. and that it is more of a shock absorption problem with some biomechical fault