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indoor bicycle trainers

Posted by Ellen J. on 5/01/02 at 14:44 (082004)

Recently there were some posts regarding indoor bicycle trainers and I did just a bit of research on them. Apparently there are 3 types of trainers: Wind, Magnetic and Fluid. According to one of our local bike shop people, the Wind version is a bit noisy but is less expensive. The magnetic version is quieter but a bit more expensive. The Fluid version is also quiet and gives the most 'life-like' feeling of increasing speed with wind resistance. There are also Roller versions but I didn't research those. The 3 brands I looked at on the internet and in the bike shop were: Elite Volare Trainer, Minoura Hyper Series and CycleOps. All 3 of those looked pretty good and easy to use. You mount the rear of the bike (wheel and all) on it and the tire rests on a roller. Since the rear of the bike may end up slightly higher than the front, it might be a good idea to purchase the CycleOps 'riser block' which elevates the front of the bike so that it's level with the rear. There are probably other brands out there but I didn't look around that much. Here is a link to one site which sells trainers and other bicycle equipment and the link will take you to a page which has some information about bicycle trainers: http://www.branfordbike.com/trainer/train9.html
There were plenty of other good sites out there but thought some of you might want to get some questions answered about trainers in general.
Ellen J.