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Re: Sandy's question about muscles/running

Posted by Jerry F. on 5/11/02 at 16:48 (083556)

Hi Sandy-

Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I think running has strengthened the muscles, at least the calf is getting back to where it was. If you're talking about anything else, it's probably too soon to tell. I started running probably 8+ months after the injury. That's after working on a bike trainer for 2 months in low gears. I'm definitely taking your advice and forgetting about running a marathon,though. I started running a very easy 10-11 minute mile, then 9, and now 8. This over at least several months. As soon as I started pushing to a low 7 minute mile, I recently felt a little pain, so I'm definitely slowing down for a while. I'd rather trudge along pain-free.