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my pf success story

Posted by donald p on 5/14/02 at 16:51 (083878)

Hello fellow pf people; i want to share my success story and the four part treatment plan that got me there:
1. Do heavy hamstring streching: this is the exercise that you push against a door frame to strech your leg and foot; I started doing this 30 - 40 times a day at 3 or 5 times a session. really work the muscles, etc so you can feel the streching.
2. Wear a night splint every night in bed, possibly forever; wear it even if you are sitting for a long time. wear it sitting if youe heel feels really poorly. you can buy it in this iste for $59? my insurance paid $300 for the same one
3. Buy a good shoe insert orthothotic support: I bought power steps; they work very well. I dont reccomend the pricey custom orthotics. You must wear these inserts and shoes all the time, constantly. No bare feet, especially on hard floors.
4. Apply Emu oil generously every morning and night to the pain areas. This stuff is really magical for back pain and arthirtis also. It is an extract from a ostrich like bird: you must get pure oil and do not pay too much. I can recomend two internet places

My story goes like this: My PF started as a small pain after playing basketball, a couple of months later (June), I was dying from pain when I walked, it felt like a knife in my heel. I went to a great orthopedic surgeon here in Upland, CA and started the traditional therapy: celebrex, night splint, cortesone shot and physical therapy. Months dragged on: only the night splint and the hamstring strech worked. I stopped the pt and the orhto very honestly told me just to do the strech many times a day.

Hence, my four step plan was hatched. For the last three months, I can walk and run (gently) comepletely pain free. I can't stand still for very long, so I either walk around or sit down. If I feel some funk down there I immediately do the strecth three times,; it looks like you are humping the door frame. I am not 100% or completely recovered; I may never be but I can walk pain free and I feel motivated to go places and do things. Right? In closing; this worked for me after being desperate and in total pain and frustration; certainly it might not work for you. I want to emphasize that the PF pain is not caused by heel strike, ie you walking. I would not reccomend surgery and do not take long term doses of celebrex; it being investigated currently for creatin blood pressure heart problems.
best of luck to all. Donald