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Posted by RACHAEL T. on 5/19/02 at 21:00 (084629)

Just an update to let you know that I am still hangin in there pretty comfy! My feet for 1 whole week with exercise & riding are doing pretty good - I of course, continue to ice & be somewhat cautious! Don't want to return to full out pain as last summer was for me. But, I rode probably 3 horses 5 out of 7 days this entire week - & hung in there fine. I hope this continues!!!! I am so much better mentally - but still a little 'foot shy' - so somewhat cautious! I think my new orthotics from the dr. are MUCH better than my older ones of last year that I NEVER found comfy. These new ones are comfortable....& making my Ariat Riding Boots a-ok! I wish for all of you some comfort soon - it is amazing after more than 1 year of this foot pain, that I am reaching an easier point of living.....one that I thought was never going to arrive! There is hope...keep up your hopes & all your icing & stretching! I shall too & hope that this newfound activity level remains with me!