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Posted by Tammie on 5/24/02 at 11:03 (085095)

I know several have said it is not to bad a test! I am doing it no matter what anyways but I would like to know what to expect.Are they going to put needles in my already painful foot> How will I be able to handle that when I cant touch it with out pain? I am pretty frightened about making this pain worse if there can be a worse.

Ok when he does this, what can he learn form it? I dont think he is using it for a dx of RSD as he said he was sure that was already confirmed. But since I have that lump on foot and the pain is moving to the other foot he wants to be sure there is not more going on~ He believes it is compensary pain for good foot but says none the less he wants to make sure, Laurie or janet or susie have you had this emg with your RSD? I am sorry but I am starting to get nervous I want to prepare myself is any one able to help me do this? I am trying very hard to stay calm and involved in my care so far so good lol